What is a Gift Basket Packaging Service?

April 12, 2018

If you have a lot of gifts and you would like them displayed in a unique way, consider a customized packaging service. Tell us the theme and we’ll create one or bring us the items and we’ll display your gifts with a special creative flair. A beautifully wrapped gift heightens the anticipation of the lucky recipient. When gorgeously wrapped, the gift becomes so much more than the sum of its contents.

We could look at packaging as a way to protect goods but creative packaging should showcase design solutions. The reality is that packaging is so much more and crucial to the appeal of consumers. The presentation of a product should attract attention, tell a story, and impart information. Creative packaging will assist you in making you or your brand stand out and be recognized.

The Gift Basket was designed for Bec N Call as a raffle donation for a Charity Golf Tournament. The players at the Charity Golf Tournament were given raffle tickets. Before the event the golfers checked out the gifts and were able to drop tickets for a chance to win donated items. This opportunity gave Bec N Call to support a worthy Charity and promote their business. The Charity Golf Tournament attracts 200 golfers to enjoy friendly competition and networking opportunities.  Bec N Call provided a certificate for “Complimentary ride to the DFW Airport” which was the focal point of the basket along with promotional items, and a brochure that explains there services. We discussed a Golf Theme for the gift Basket and incorporated the corporate colors and items that golfers would consider of value. The items selected always need to be of excellent quality because the overall effect reflects your business and how the public perceives your image. Packaging reinforces your corporate identity and attracts consumer’s attention.

This Gift Basket was designed for Wild Birds Unlimited for the Collin County Master Gardening Show. Wild Birds unlimited provided all the products in the basket and Penny’s Gift Basket supplied the container and design services. The gift needed to display each product clearly to showcase the Hummingbird Themed Gift Basket. The Wild Birds Unlimited booth at the Garden Show sold Hummingbird products for guests to purchase. The Gift Basket was on display as a raffle prize. The lucky winner would be eligible by filling out a personal contact form. This was a perfect opportunity for Wild Birds Unlimited, McKinney to display a small offering at their store and share knowledge about birds. The store is new to the area and will be celebrating their first Anniversary in business next month. The Gift Basket helped them to grow their business email list and promote visiting Wild Birds Unlimited. Packaging helps to protect goods, informs the public, and sells products.

This Tea Themed Gift Basket was designed for a School Charity Fundraiser. The Classroom Coordinator sent a letter to the parents requesting donated items that would relate to an Afternoon Tea. After she received all the donations she was overwhelmed with what to do with all the items. She called Penny’s Gift Baskets to request if we could assist in displaying the products in a Gift Basket. She wanted the Tea Gift Basket to look beautiful to bring in a generous donation for the School Charity Fundraiser. The event also encourages friendly competition and gives out awards in different categories for the Gift Baskets. The awards are proudly displayed by the winners on the classroom door until the following year. We created a design that coordinated the colors and products into cohesive design. The Tea Themed Gift Basket helped to raise money for the school and the classroom was a recipient of a blue ribbon. Packaging can be  a design that is unforgettable and stays in ones mind.

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