Custom Gift Baskets for Business

November 1, 2017

Custom Gift Baskets for Business

Why not customize a gift basket that helps to brand your business? Does your company target potential clients at vendor fairs, tradeshows, conferences, or attend a networking event. Businesses spend time and money, visualizing, and implementing a display that brands your company. How will your business attract attendees to stop at one of these events? You might offer free promotional products, but why not offer a gift basket that brands your business. Attendees like opportunities to win a free giveaway. It gives your business an opportunity to collect emails, addresses, and phone numbers, to boost contact lists of potential clients.

Would you be drawn to this gift basket designed for Alexis Estate? The gift basket was designed to market Alexis Estates with a brochure, promotional items, and a burlap tote bag. The gourmet food items were targeted for the demographic that would attend the event. The basket was finished with ribbon to match the corporate colors and a business card. How will your company be remembered after the close of an event?

A custom gift basket can tell a story about your business. Bec N Call helps clients “Juggle Their Worlds” they offer wheelchair transportation, transportation to the airport, pet sitting, and mobile notary service. They touch on each area of the business within this gift basket through promotional items, brochures, and travel voucher certificate for the airport. We help companies brand there business and create giveaways that potential clients would love to win.

Penny’s Gift Baskets help client’s visual your brand and leave a lasting impression. We incorporate these four important elements into every custom Gift Basket. Remember that good branding creates a mental image of what your prospective clients need and want.

  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Name
  • Imagery and Colors

Custom Gift Baskets for business should embody your mission, message, and personality, to give a competitive advantage. The design should be a visual representation of a truly unique package, your company.

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